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Welcome to our guest book. Please feel free to leave comments, messages, or requests. We love to hear from you

Sandra, Middleburg hts

What Rain??? as far as I'm concerned you guys made for the best evening we've had in a long time. Wide variety of songs, many brought back memories and some not too familiar with. We've been to Coe Lake, Mapleside, and other concerts, This was one of the best we've been to. Will see you in Hudson.

Ron, Middleburg

Nights in White Satin was totally awesome. Haven't heard any local band do that , and I can't imaging them doing it as well. The Moody Blues would be proud.

Tamara, Bay Point

Loved Blink 182. Good variety of music. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Pat K, Marblehead

You guys were awesome! Great show! Had a blast!

Gina, Bay Point

Loved the show. Great to dance and enjoy the surroundings.

Karen W, Middleburg Heights

Thought the night would be a bust. My husband and I are so glad we stayed. Probably the best concert of the season. Thanks for a great memorable evening

Mary, St. Ambrose

Really enjoyed the show. Great being outdoors and hearing quality LIVE music. You guys were fantastic.

Iron Bill, Berea

Awesome. You guys made up for the miserable time we had on Thursday.

Jane, Berea Rib cook off

One of the best bands all weekend. Love 7 Nations but really liked your sets

Jan and Bill, Berea

Just wanted to tell you that you guys were awesome. We just thought too much time between songs. We have seen you before and really love how you have evolved. Great mix of the old classics and newer songs. Hope to see you again soon

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