Calendar Events

Note: The list of upcoming events reflects primarily the public events. For booking information text contact information to :216-406-7754 or e-mail at :

Booking has begun for 2020


DUE To the COVID19 Pandemic, the following events have been CANCELLED


Rock Creek  April 3rd

Park Tavern May 23

Rock Creek June 5th

Charlie's Tiki Bar June 26

The Shore's Club  July 4th

Cedar Point May and June events

Berea Rib Burn Off

Brunswick Summer Celebration

Hudson Concert August 22

This list is subject to change DAILY during this PANDEMIC. WE will update as we get the changes. 

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 2020 Upcoming Events 

February 07,2020  Rock Creek Tavern  8PM to Midnight


February 15, 2020  The Harvest Saloon   9PM  to 1 AM


February 22,2020  The Park Tavern  8PM to 11PM


April 3,2020  Rock Creek Tavern  CANCELLED COVID19


May 23,2020  The Park Tavern        CANCELLED COVID19


June 5, 2020, Rock Creek Tavern  CANCELLED COVID19


June 26, 2020  The Shore's Club    CANCELLED COVID19


July 4, 2020     Charlie's Tiki Bar   CANCELLED COVID19


July 17, 2020,  Rock Creek Tavern  8PM to Midnight


August 1 ,2020  The Park Tavern  7PM to 10PM

Patio performance


August 7,2020, Giant Eagle Market District Strongsville 6:00 PM to 9 PM


August 22, 2020 Hudson First and Main Concert  CANCELLED COVID19


September 25, 2020,  Rock Creek Tavern  8PM to Midnight


November 27, 2020, Rock Creek Tavern  8PM to Midnight


Join Us for a season of fun, great food, and great entertainment at the Park Tavern. We currently have three shows booked there. Check it out.

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