Joe Salem AKA "THE SILVER FOX first joined Yearbook in 1993. He plays keyboards for the band, sings both backup and lead vocals, and manages the band. He is responsible for booking, promotion, and marketing YEARBOOK. In addition to his role in the band, Joe is happily married to MaryAnn , He is a pharmacist /and the proud father of five children as well as step father to four children. He is also proud to have a group of beautiful grandchildren beginning with Jasmine  Rose, Madison Rose, Isabela Rose, Logan James,   Logan Michael, and Mia Josephine. His music career began in his childhood and he has been in five bands over the course of the last thirty years. He was one of the founding members of the band Timeless which was a Cleveland classic rock and original band in the area for five years before Yearbook. Other area bands included Electric Earth, The Blues Wall, The WIXY 1260's, Brothers at Odds, and The Time Machine. Hobbies include cars, music, of course, and riding his bicycle. Joe is also interested in electronics, computers, science fiction, and he loves a good joke. 


Joe has been the backbone of YEARBOOK for over ninteen years and is the only original member to have survived the transitions that a band goes through. YEARBOOK was founded by Gary Lennox and Joe was the last member to join the original line-up which consisted of: Gary Lennox, Tom Muntean, Jim Sucy, and of course Joe . He will be the one you talk to for the booking info for the band.

If you were to ask him how this group has changed over the years he would tell you that it has evolved into a family. Not only are these guys members in a rock band, they have become the best of friends. This encompasses the newest member as well as Dick has quickly become part of the FAMILY. Ask Joe anytime and he will tell you the he is truly proud to be involved with this group. He enjoys a good joke or just hearing from you . Feel free to send him e-mail..

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James Carl Cipiti - Guitar & Vocals

Jim "Smokin' Fingers" Cipiti:

From my earliest of memories I have always wanted to make Musick.

Along the way, Musick began making me.
As I learned to make Friends with myself, I became more of a Friend to Musick.
As Musick was making me, I was making Musick.
My Musick then started making Magick. 
So began my quest for "someone" to make Musick with.I made Friends. We made Musick. It was Magick. My Song was heard and there was Harmony. And then I started wanting someone to make Musick for.
We made Friends. We made Musick. It was Magick too. My Song was heard and there was Harmony. 
Before long, I wanted to find someone to share my Musick with. We too made Friends. We too made Musick. More Magick was made.
My Song was heard and there was Harmony. 
I realized what I really wanted was to find someone and make Musick together.
We are True Friends. We are real Musick. We make Love; greatest of all Magick.
Our Songs are heard and there is Harmony Forever. 
Now it is time to find someone to help make more of this Magick Musick.
We make Friends. We make Musick. It is Magick.
Our Songs are heard, but there's no Harmony yet… 
So we look for someone else to make Magick Musick too.
We all make Friends. We all make Musick Together. It is more Magick.
Our Songs are heard, but still no Harmony… 
We need to find a way to make Magick Musick in Harmony. We revisit old Friends. We make Amazing Musick. It's almost Love Musick.
Our Songs are heard and there is some Harmony. 
Where's the true Harmony? Are the Friendships not fully developed yet?? 
If you take the Friendship out of the Musick, the Magick is gone and all Love is lost.
Hope remains however in the Forever Harmonies!

We make Friends with ourselves again. We find our True Friends.
There is Musick. There is Magick. There is Love.
Our Songs are heard Forever in Harmony!
This is My Life:
…Musick, Friendship, Magick, Love.

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Rob Johnston plays the drums for Yearbook and joined the band in 1998. The band's surge and the addition of Rob are not coincidences. In addition to shoring up the rhythm section, he adds great vocals to the harmonies. Hence, vocals have become a cornerstone of Yearbook's sound. Rob started playing drums in high school and has been in ten different bands since. In addition to Yearbook, Rob also drums for The Palindromes, a staple on the Cleveland alternative music scene. Look for their release on Twee Kitten Records at local record shops. When he is not drumming, he works for The Cuyahoga County Public Library System. He enjoys not only playing music but listening as well. Books and movies are also big interests for Rob. His hobbies include hiking, collecting records, and writing songs. Feel free to drop him an e-mail. 

Another note of interest. Many people have e-mailed "YEARBOOK" to congratulate Rob on his vocal skills especially in the areas of his favorites "THE BEATLES". Rob's steady beat and strong vocals have kept our growth on a steady rise. His talents move beyond the drums as he is proficient on acoustic guitar as well. His musical interests cover a wide variety of groups and styles including the BEATLES, The STONES, PINK FLOYD, and ELVIS COSTELLO, just to name a few. His vocal ability encompasses all of these fine groups. We are all proud to have him as a member of our group.

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 Bill Uhler – Bassist


Bill has been on the Cleveland music scene since 1977. You can hear early influences of Jack Bruce, John Entwistle, and Chris Squire in his playing style. Played with The Randy Sabo Band (former member of Michael Stanley’s original band Silk), also Blue Taxi with Billy Capuano. Bill has shared the big stage with Sonny Geraci, Question Mark and the Mysterians, and Billy J. Kramer. Opened up with Blue Taxi for such bands as Steppenwolf, The Guess Who, Warren Haynes, Steve Miller & Spirit. 


Bill is excited to join with these talented musicians known as Yearbook.  With a few gigs already under our belts, the band seems to be  blossoming as a coherent driving force of musicianship to provide a fun entertaining evening. Whether you want to dance the night away, or sit back, enjoying your favorite beverage, Yearbook will provide everyone with a pleasurable night out.

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Thomas Javorsky (TJ)

Lead Guitar and backing Vocals

 Tom Javorsky(TJ) was born and raised in Brooklyn, Ohio. He began playing the guitar at age 6, and has been playing ever since. He played with the band Rendezvous in the 80's, and more recently starred in Summit County's Docs Who Rock with the bands V-Tach and Accent. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife Ann and 2 daughters, biking, hiking, and running. He is excited to be involved with Yearbook, and looks forward to performing with them..

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Joe Salem Keyboards & vocals

Rob Johnston Drums & Vocals

Bill Uhler  Bass and Vocals

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Jim Cipiti Guitars & Vocals

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Tom Javorski

Guitars and vocals

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The first Yearbook lineup to play out frequently was completed in1994 when Joeanswered an ad in the Scene Magazine. The original lineup featured Gary Lennox on lead guitar, Tom Muntean on drums, Joe Salem on keyboards and Jim Suchy played bass guitar and some acoustic. All members contributed to the vocal harmonies as well. When Gary left on an extended break, he was replaced by Keith Parker. Jim left in 1998 and went on to form a band named Sunset Highway. He was replaced by Kyp Schubert. With Kyp's addition, attention was turned to the vocal side of the band and they were greatly improved. This moved Yearbook to a newer, higher plateau and opened the door for more new and exciting musical arrangements .Then Tom departed and Rob Johnston replaced him. It looked like the final move came when Keith left to join Jim in Sunset Highway and Gary rejoined the group, however, In September of 1999, Kyp had an accident and broke his leg which had put him on the temporary Disabled List until December.

In Kyp's absence, his son Lon, Bassist Al Adkins from the Cleveland Beat, and Bassist Kim Sullivan from Roll Ya Over all stepped in durring his Recovery. These three fine muscians helped to keep Yearbook on track. Each one of the three pushed to keep "the drive alive" and to help it grow. Kyp Returned to the band on December 4th at a performance at Alexander's Restaurante which had temporarily re-united this power lineup making Yearbook one of the most entertaining and fun bands in the area today. In January 2000, Kyp decided to leave Yearbook to persue his own project called Johnny Lightning and the Hotwheels; a 50's group. Once again the lineup of Yearbook changed with the addition of Kim Sullivan former bass player of Roll Ya Over. She is no stranger to this group as she is one of those responsible for keeping Yearbook going and growing in Kyp's absence.

Bill Uhler now enters the picture as the new bass/vocal in the band. He enters and adds yet another strong driving piece to the picture. Bill's background makes him the best choice to keep the yearbook machine moving.

The saga continues even further as 12/31/2006 Gary Lennox announced that he is leaving the band. his position has been filled by Dave as the new regular member. Dave broke out with us as the regular on 1/5/2007 at "THE DOCS BAR AND GRILLE" in Broadview Heights. 

In January of 2010, Dick Devries decided to leave and join former bandmates in SHADY DRIVE. His last performance with YEARBOOK was January 31,2010 at The Savannah. On 2/15/10 Rick Hulvachick joined YEARBOOK after completing the audition process . His first performance with the band was at Bullfrogs on March 26,2010.
In January 2011 Bobby “Z” enters as the new regular fifth playing when Dave could not. Bob’s addition to YEARBOOK has enhanced an already powerful fun group.


 January 1,2013 with the return of Gary Lennox to the family. Bobby Z has moved on to persue other areas in music and become more active in the church. He ramains in all of our hearts and don't be surprised to see him fill in now and then if need be..Then in June 2014 Thomas Javorsky (TJ) joined us as Gary Lennox leaves the band.  The YEARBOOK saga has been a long and interresting one but we have survived all of these years and put out a better product with each change.  We are once again complete.

 So Now the lineup is complete once again and will take on a new tone and style as we grow in our quest to be one of Cleveland's most fun, entertaining , and energetic Oldies/Classic Rock/Dance Rock groups ever.

Original lineup
Drums : Tom Muntean, Guitar: Gary Lennox
Bass : Jim Sucy, Keyboards: Joe Salem
Gary Leaves and is replaced by Keith Parker (New Sunset)
Drums : Tom Muntean, Guitar: Keith Parker
Bass: Jim Sucy,Keyboards: Joe Salem
Jim Sucy Leaves and is replaced by Kyp Schubert
Drums: Tom Muntean, Guitar : Keith Parker
Bass: Kyp Schubert, Keyboards: Joe Salem
Tom Muntean Leaves and is replaced by Rob Johnston
Drums:Rob Johnston,Guitar : Keith Parker
Bass: Kyp Schubert, Keyboards: Joe Salem
Keith Parker and Kyp Schubert Leave, Replaced by Gary Lennox and Kim Sullivan
Drums: Rob Johnston, Guitar: Gary Lennox
Bass Kim Sullivan,Keyboards: Joe Salem
Kim Sullivan Leaves and is replaced by Kyp Schubert (pineapple Wine)
Drums: Rob Johnston, Guitar: Gary Lennox
Bass: Kyp Schubert, Keyboards: Joe Salem
Kyp Schubet leaves and is replaced by Larry Rusnak
Drums: Rob Johnston, Guitar: Gary Lennox
Bass: Larry Rusnak, Keyboards: Joe Salem
Larry Rusnak Leaves,Replaced by Dick Devries
Drums: Rob Johnston,Guitar: Gary Lennox
Bass: Dick Devries, Keyboards: Joe Salem
Dave  joins as regular fill in
Drums; Rob Johnston, Guitar Gary Lennox
Bass; Dick Devries, Keyboards; Joe Salem,
Alternate Guitar; Dave 
Gary Lennox Leaves, Replaced by Dave. Drums; Rob Johnston, Guitar; Dave 
Bass; Dick Devries, Keyboards; Joe Salem
Dick Devries Leaves, Replaced by Rick Hulvachick
Drums; Rob Johnston, Guitar; Dave, Bass; Rick Hulvachick,Keyboards; Joe Salem
Bobby"Z joinse as new regular fifth guitar/vocal
Dave  is Replaced by Bobby Z
Drums: Rob Johnston, Guitar Bobby Z
Bass: Rick Hulvachick,Keyboards: Joe Salem
Rick Hulvulchick Leaves, Replaced by Chip Bugay
Drums: Rob Johnston, Guitar Bobby "Z"
Bass : Chip Bugay, Keyboards: Joe Salem
Bobby "Z" leaves and is replaced by Gary Lennox
Drums : Rob Johnston, Guitars: Gary Lennox
Bass: Chip Bugay, Keyboards: Joe Salem
Gary Lennox Leaves and is replaced by TJ (Thomas Javorsky
Drums : Rob Johnston, Guitars: Thomas Javorsky (TJ)
Bass: Chip Bugay, Keyboards: Joe Salem
Chip leaves and is replaced by Bill Uhler
Drums : Rob Johnston, Guitars: Thomas Javorsky (TJ)
Bass: Bill Uhler, Keyboards: Joe Salem

Tom Javorsky (TJ) resigns and is succeeded by Jim Cipriti.
Drums; Rob Johnston, Guitars Jim Cipriti,
Keyboards Joe Salem, Bass Bill Uhler