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Sandra , N.Olmsted

I see you have a new lineup. I have seen Keith performing solo many times and enjoyed his music. I have followed you guy for a while and truly love the memories. Should be a good year. Looking forward to this year. See you at Crocker Park.

Sandra, Willow Lake

Just wanted to say, looking forward to seeing you again at Willow Lake. You guys sounded awesome.

A Friend, Wherever you play

Replacement guitar a good choice.

Gene, Hudson

Great to see you all back together. Great lineup and looking forward to some great songs see you next time

Jim, Willow Lake

Hey , really good seeing you back. As usual you sounded great. We like a lot of the new material but loved the old Moody Blues, Pink Floyd and the Beatles. Lots of fun . come back soon.

Ken and Jean, Willow Lake

Hey it's about time they brought you back. Sounded great. What happened to the old drummer? Don't get me wrong, all sounded awesome but the keyboard and bass player were the only one's that we recognized. Either way the band was great and we are looking forward to you guys coming back and we hope very soon.

Bob, Willow Lake

Glad to see you back. Missed you guys. You need to play more of the older material. My Wife and I loved when you did Evil woman and other ELO songs. Like the new material but not as much as the old. You sounded great. Are you coming back.

Sandra, Middleburg hts

What Rain??? as far as I'm concerned you guys made for the best evening we've had in a long time. Wide variety of songs, many brought back memories and some not too familiar with. We've been to Coe Lake, Mapleside, and other concerts, This was one of the best we've been to. Will see you in Hudson.

Ron, Middleburg

Nights in White Satin was totally awesome. Haven't heard any local band do that , and I can't imaging them doing it as well. The Moody Blues would be proud.

Tamara, Bay Point

Loved Blink 182. Good variety of music. Looking forward to seeing you again.

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