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Bob, Shore's Club

Wind or no wind, you guys rocked the house. At first my wife and I thought it might be too windy, but you guys quickly turned that around. We spent most of the night dancing and hated to see the night end. What a blast. Thank you for one of the greatest evenings of the summer. We are new fans. Bob K

Jim, Galaxy

We came up with Bob and Tina from Cedar point. Wanted to hear Never Been Any Reason again. You guys rocked it at the point. Weather sucked, Food was great and loved the outdoor patio. We waited until 10PM inside until they announced No band due to weather. :( --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From Yearbook.....Jim, all of the members want to thank you for coming to the Galaxy. We are sorry that the weather let us all down. I promise, if you come to Dino's or Park Tavern, we will play and dedicate Never Been Any Reason to you. Thank you for your kind words.

Tina, Galaxy

Crappy weather. Never saw so much rain. Bob and I saw you at Cedar Point and came up for a dinner and a great night of music. Seems like Mother nature had other plans. We have friends in N. Royalton so we are planning on either Park Tavern or Dino's . We are super disappointed. Thanks Mother nature------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From Yearbook...... Tina and Bob... We all want to thank you for your kind words and for making the trip to spend your evening with us. We are honored to be a part of your evening. Unfortunately mother nature did change our plans. If you come up to Dino's or Park make sure you come up and say hello. We appreciate you

John, Bay Point Marina

Awesome!!!! You guys were great. Too bad the weather was so bad. More people would have been there and truly loved it. I am looking forward to your return at both the TIKI bar and THE SHORES CLUB.

Debbie, Berea Rib Fest

Wow! What a pleasant surprise. You guys are really good. I wish you were playing more outdoor venues like Edgewater Live and Wade Oval Wednesdays. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANSWER FROM YEARBOOK> Hi Debbie. Thank you for the kind comments, We have 6 more outdoor shows coming up. We will be at Crocker Park this Friday, May 31 from 6 PM to 8:30 for a free outdoor concert. See our web site as we have 2 shows at Park Tavern (outdoor) 3 at Marble head (Outdoor), Galaxy Restaurant (Outdoor) The city of Brunswick Summer concerts (Outdoor). Hope to see you soon.

Christina, Cedar Point

Christina I. Kessler Sullivan I enjoyed listing to them Saturday

Rick, Cedar Point

This is the third year that my wife and I saw you. You are more impressive each year. This year is no exception. We saw two of your shows and loved the new songs we heard. I am particularly a fan of the doors and Blue Oyster and you guys did them proud. Cedar point needs you guys to be there regularly. Their shows are nice but they are always the same. Even if you do the same or a similar set there is still variation and energy.

Melissa B, Cedar Point

Melissa Bridges First time hearing you guys at CP Saturday was a awesome show. thank you

Isaiah B, Cedar Point

Name: Isaiah B Subject: Coming to See you at Cedar Point (Sunday!) Message: Hi Yearbook! Last year my family came to Cedar Point opening weekend and saw your last show Sunday evening and it was the highlight of my vacation. I'm not sure if he remembers me, but after the show I came up to talk to Joe (I was wearing a Captain's hat!), and I asked him if you all knew any J Geils Band. I am thrilled to be coming back this year and can't wait to see you perform again, wondering if I could put in a request for J Geils "Musta Got Lost". We will be coming to the park on Sunday, might plan on coming to your last show of the day again, unless the weather has us come to an earlier one (I'll bring my Captain's hat so you can recognize me!). You guys are so talented and entertaining and inspirational. =) Can't wait to see you perform again. Sincerely, Isaiah B

Frank, Cedar Point

Just wanted to drop you a line. My family and I will be at the point on opening weekend. We have seen you Many times over the past few years. It is always great to hear live music and you guys are some of the best. Let's hope for a great weekend. See you in a few weeks. Frank

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