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Bill Evans, DIno's

Just wanted to tell you guys that you sounded awesome at Dino's. I came on for dinner and heard the music. Wound up staying until the end. Really great night. I will be back

Ann Flynn, DIno's

Anne Flynn Saw Yearbook for the first time! Awesome talents! Really fun!

Bill Squires, DIno's

Bill Squires Thank you to DIno, Frank & Jo Ann Uhler for hosting our charity event for The Providence House! Thank you to Bill Uhler & the rest of Yearbook for some Great music. We had a big turnout & I believe everything turned out well!

Ron k, DIno's

Can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed last night. I was not part of that reunion as I came out to see you guys. I have seen you several times at Willow Lake and am sad to see you are not there. You definitely never dissapoint. Great song mix . I was surprised to hear ANYONE do Head East song.

Joan W, DIno's

Hubby and I have been following you guys for over a year now. We used to follow your bass players other band. Love your song selection. Colour My World my favorite and singer was spot on. Love the memories live.

Jim, DIno's

My wife and came out for the reunion to see old friends. Heard the music and had to move closer. You guys really made it a fun night. We were up in front and enjoyed reliving old good memories.You do songs that very few if and do. Looking forward to seeing you again at Dino's.

Kevin, DIno's

Awesome performance. I'm a new fan. Loved Roadhouse

Bob, Cedar Point

Looking forward to another great year at Cedar Point. Really glad you will be there opening weekend again. Season wouldn't be the same without you. Bob

Terry, Willow Lake

I have been a regular at Willow Lake in Brunswick for several years. I have been following them on Facebook for a while and while I see a lot of planned events, I do not see you guys as listed for this year. I was saddened that your weren't there last year. What gives. Are you coming back in 2019? I plan to see you at Park Tavern this year so maybe you will know by then.

Mark, Willow Lake

Are you guys coming back to Willow Lake this year? They are showing ads for unknown bands and bands that are making their first appearance anywhere as well as some grunge band. Not sure what they are thinking. Have you contacted them? We are weekend campers there and always looked forward to you playing there. What gives??? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________RESPONSE FROM YEARBOOK: Mark, Thank you for the kind words. I believe there are new owners at WL. We have contacted them but haven't heard from them. We do have a pretty full schedule and it is growing weekly. Check it out here on the web page. We will kick off our first PUBLIC gig of 2019 at a great venue called Dino'S Bar and Grill in N. Royalton, not too far from WL. Hope to see you there. YB

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