Welcome to Yearbook on the Web. Yearbook is a Classic Rock/dance Rock group performing primarily in the Northeast Ohio region. We are moving into 2023 with a wider selection of materials and with a change in direction. YEARBOOK is moving into our twenty-eighth year and we are having more fun and playing more places than ever. Our list of regular venues has grown to include: Cedar Point,  Various Eagles, and Moose Clubs, Rock Creek Kitchen and Grille,  Charlies on the Beach, The Shores Club, Giant Eagle Market District, and The Park Tavern.  We have also expanded into many other private areas including parties and weddings. In 2023 our online schedule will reflect the increased number of private functions. We will still have a fair amount of public gigs as well as the schedule will clearly show.

Yearbook has also expanded our material list to include the 60's, the 70's, and the 80's, helping us appeal to a wider audience. Our lineup features Todd Samaritani on Guitars and vocals, Rob Johnston on Drums and Vocals, Joe Salem on Keyboards and Vocals, and Bill Uhler on Bass and Vocals.

Our texture has changed with a wider array of material and a more driving sound as the focus moves to the dance-rock, and classic rock of the time. Look for the song list to grow and become more diversified in 2023 In addition to this site, Yearbook maintains an e-mail and snail mail list. To join, send an e-mail message with your name, and either e-mail or snail mail address to yearbookbandohio@outlook.com. The Schedule will be updated as new gigs are added and check back often for News. In the meantime, browse the site and feel free to take advantage of the many opportunities throughout to give the band some feedback.  





You Can Now Hear and See Samples of YEARBOOK online. Just choose the song below and click. We will do the rest.


Never Been Any Reason. Video


Let it Be ** AUDIO **







E-Mail ; yearbookbandohio@outlook.com

PHONE; (216) 406-7754

Web Information ; www.yearbookmusic.com.